Master the winter with this complete sniper set specially designed for snowed environments.
— Game Descriptions.
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Yeti 1

Yeti is a bundle that is featured in Respawnables Winter Update. The Yeti bundle provides 21% Accuracy and an exclusive Winter Ghost Rifle, an essentially weaker version of the Scoped Assault Rifle but has 5 less bullets than the Scoped Assault Rifle.

It was available for purchase at the price of $6.99 Dollar1during the Winter Update for the first time, but was purchasable once more, for a higher price of $11.99 Dollar1during the Memorial Weekend Sale. On 8th July 2016 (American Eastern time), Digital Legends brought back the Yeti bundle through a small Update and it costs $11.99 Dollar1. After that, it reappeared a few days after the Soccer Madness Event ended at the price of $11.99 Dollar1.

Yeti Bundle1

Winter Ghost Rifle And Yeti Equipment.

Yeti Bundle1

Yeti Bundle Being Sold Again.



The high Accuracy given can be a great advantage. Also, the suit's white color can be suitable for camouflage in snowy maps like the Snow Village, Frozen bay, or Nocturnal Snowfall. Camouflage here means that the player will be hard to see in snowy maps or other environment based maps. The Yeti equipment also features the Winter Ghost Rifle that already has an impressive amount of Accuracy (full 4 bars). Use the high Accuracy of both the weapon and the full suit to make enemies can't run away from you.


  • The Winter Ghost Rifle is almost similar to the Scoped Assault Rifle, though the only difference is the skin, firing speed, and clip of the gun.
  • In real life, the Yeti equipment is actually a Sniper Ghillie Suit used in snowy environments.
  • This is the bundle with the shortest name.
  • Each equipment part in the bundle provides 7% Accuracy. This makes the suit unique as it is the only one to have armors with attributes of entirely 7% Accuracy (other equipments provide 10%, but not 7%)
  • Before the Memorial Weekend Sale, the Yeti was the rarest bundle in the Game.
  • The Yeti was featured as an enemy during the Superstars (Event), using the Dark Matter Gun.

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