The Winter Camp 2016 Update was added in the 20th of December 2016; it's the third Christmas-themed update in the game, and is also the second "Winter Camp" update (after the first Winter Camp).

Update DescriptionsEdit

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, big events and great skins are being given away, yeah!

I don’t know if you like Christmas but as a little goblin, I think Christmas is awful! So I have decided to steal these Happy Holidays 2016! I want you to be prepared for this magnificent new version of Christmas I have created!

I am very proud of you having been the bad guy this year, so if you are as cool as I expect you to be, I will give away my beloved friend Classic Santa and you may also get the brand new Fireside Santa!

IS THIS NOT ENOUGH? PERFECT, I LOVE YOUR GREED! I also offer you - 2016 top event weapons, no more words needed. - born to dye pack, lots of skinned weapons plus the original ones! - The Magnificent 6, an army of 6 that counts like hundreds! - Werewolf Armor, nice uh?

But of course, this will not be easy, during this month I have prepared four awesome trials, one on each week! I want you busy! And also I have changed a little how the Battle Hulk works! Just for fun.

Enjoy your holidays… if you dare!

…eh! And by the way, I know you’re so excited about trying the new weapons and getting your beloved armors and skins… but remember I will be also available on the store!

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  • You can also pick up the presents in Missions as well, but only for certain trials that require you to play in Missions mode, such as during Trial 2.
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