Warlock Gear

Monster Gear Bundle

Warlocks were introduced during the Halloween Update 2014 with the introduction of the Monster Mash which simulates a "battle" between Warlocks and Monsters.

One guiding/description of the Monster Mash says "Monsters chase Warlocks, Warlocks go for Monsters and Shadow Hunters win by hunting them alike."

Purchasing the Warlock Gear, which costs $9.99 Dollar1 will grant you the full Warlock set.

Full Warlock Set


Warlock Gear is tagged by a grey hexagon with a golden winged skull symbol in it. Tags are important for tiers in the Monster Mash and for some special abilities on Armor gear.

Warlock tagged equipment are:

Although not tagged but clearly from Warlocks as well:

Also tagged are the bundles:

Warlock sketch

The Warlock Symbol Sketch


  • Warlock Eyes (original appearance)
  • Warlock Eyes (updated appearance the following year)
  • Warlock Eyes (current appearance)
  • Warlock Coat
  • Warlock Boots
  • Haunted Guns
  • The whole outfit equipped.
  • The game loading-screen depicting the whole outfit
  • The Warlock as depicted in another appearance.
  • Warlock symbol
  • Another Sketch !