Seek and destroy the forces of darkness with this terrifying pack.
— Game Description in 2013
Hunt enemies specially Monsters, with this terrifying pack.
— Game Description from 2014
The Warlock Gear is a bundle that was released during the 2013 Halloween Update named as Vampire Hunter Gear. It contains limited-time equipments along with the exclusive Witch Hunter Guns/Haunted Guns. This bundle costed $5.99 Dollar1 when it was known as Vampire Hunter Gear and purchasable once again during the Monster Mash update with a a new name with slightly different properties at the cost of $9.99 Dollar1
  • The Vampire Hunter Hat
  • The Vampire Hunter Guard
  • The Vampire Hunter Boots
  • Preview of the Bundle.
  • The Warlock Bundle (back view).
  • The Warlock Bundle (Front View).
  • The Warlock Bundle Equipped!
  • The Warlock Bundle's promotional during the Halloween Event.
  • The Warlock bundle before it's name was changed!



This set is designed to be a agility set. Fortunately, unlike the MIB equipment, it provides a 5% health boost for 1 part of the gear instead of 5% accuracy boost. The exclusive Witch Hunter Guns is a weapon that is similar to the Dual Pistols but has a faster fire rate and has less ammo in a clip. Also this set doesn't boost accuracy, so you may need to aim a bit more carefully if choosing to use the weapon.

In the Halloween Update (2014), the equipment set received a set of buffs. These range from an increase to Warlock-tagged Weapons when equipping the eyes to an increase in agility when equipping Warlock-tagged weapons and the Boots. The Haunted Guns also received an increase in damage, making it stronger compared to when it was released in 2013.

Trivia Edit

  • This set is based on the European legend of Van Helsing the Vampire Hunter.
  • The guard has a golden skull on the left shoulder.
  • It is the first limited-time bundle released in the game.
  • The dual firearms were called Witch Hunter Guns when first released, they have been renamed to Haunted Guns in the 2014 Monster Mash update.
  • The Vampire Hunter Boots provided +5% Agility while the Warlock Boots now provide +5% Health. The Vampire Hunter Guard provided +5% Health while the Warlock Coat now provides +5% Agility.
  • At the back of the Warlock Coat, there is some sort of a green potion strapped at the back of it.
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