An included weapon with the Weremoth Pack in Summer Camp 7.

Strategy Edit

For the most part this melee weapon behaves very much like it should, close combat hits, and a powerful damage output with one fell swoop, but what makes it set out from the rest is it's points in Durability and Protection, as it loses a bar in damage for both. Against it's nemesis the Bread Sword, this Saber out competes easily, but against more dangerous melee weapons like the Flaming Boneblade, it is no mach, as though both can receive nerfs, this energy sword needs only one equipment piece to make it incompatible. Like all energy weapons it does raise the bar quickly with special gear towards it.

Due to having four weapon blocks this weapon is bet in a Run And Gun strategy, taking down foes as fast as possible while also compensating for it's two-shot damage with energy damage buffs. Strangely, despite what the weapon card may say, this weapon has much grater agility than what its posted for as you can make your way through most maps without being spotted by enemy players, so long as you burn through teleports to reach a targeted location. It's biggest weakness just behind anti-energy equipment are Bows, Elemental Weapons, and Heavy Weapons, as though your high health can still be cut short against Poison Weapons and deadly bow and arrows. Against it's own kind it is sadly outgunned, with no special features that make it stand out, it can be easily avoided and nerfed. Of course with the Pack included though, the user would receive one-shot capabilities with the weapon and a chance at surviving lethal blows against other melee weapons, along with giving more speed to run up close to enemies.

Analysis Edit


  • Can be buffed drastically
  • Good weapon block amount
  • Decent Durability and Protection
  • Has better agility than what it states


  • Can be near nullified
  • Outclassed

Trivia Edit

  • Is outclassed easily against paid melee weapons.
  • Can be easily nerfed.

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