Vicenzo Caesar is a bot that can be faced in Missions mode. He carries the Assault Rifle and has some stat-enhancing armor. Due to his relatively cheap gun leading to low damage output, and the lack of heavy armor, he is easy to take down. Therefore most high levels ignore him altogether, although he will pick on weaker targets, like the player if the player has been shot or has taken damage. A good way to take down this annoying bot is to out distance him or rush at him with a Shotgun or Blunderbuss.


Vicenzo Caesar charging


Vincenzo Caesar

He will equip the Assault Rifle with either set.


  • His last name could be a reference to the Roman ruler Julius Caesar or the Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar.
  • He is one of the only two bots who uses the Assault Rifle, the other being Raptor Blaze.
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