• Zytoep

    Shotgun Showdown! V.2

    July 27, 2018 by Zytoep

    Hello! In this blog post, I will rate all of the Shotgun-Type Weapons in Respawnables, based off of my opinion and experience.

    ★ = Garbage. Don't use these.

    ★★ = Underpowered. May require some effort and practice touse these effectively.

    ★★★ = Pretty much the Revolver of Shotguns.

    ★★★★ = Powerful. 

    ★★★★★ = Overpowered. Only SCUM use these weapons.

    • Shotgun - The first, and the worst. No further explaination needed.
    • Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle - Slow. Just too slow. Slow fire rate, slow projectile speed, slow reload speed. And can be 100% nerfed.

    • Proton Shotgun - Much faster than the Tri Barrel, making it much more usable. Still able to be 100% nerfed.
    • Plasma Shotgun - Just a devolved Automatic Shotgun. Still able to be 100% nerfed.
    • Barker Shotgun - Kinda…

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