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  • I am now a "retired" Wikian and am not planing to going back to ANY Wikias at all.
  • Tr143

    So I have come across a variety of players with many really-awesome gun, some are moderately good, while some are just overpowering it. Here, I've come up with the list of which one is the most popular guns of all that players often used online :

    • Revolver
    • Double-Barrel Shotgun
    • Blunderbuss
    • Howitzer Gun
    • Hunter Shotgun
    • Anti Materiel Sniper
    • MIB Noisy Cricket
    • Siege Cannon

    Do you think that these are corrects? Comments below what are your favorite weapons to use and why you use it.

    For example: Double Barrel Shotgun because the blast and range fixated with my character's armor effect.

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