aka Maciek Kwak

  • I live in Poland
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Male
  • Nobody4ever

    I know that many players that dont want to spend real money on game have problem with this event. I ve deciced to help you.

    What to wear:

    • Veteran Technićo Mask
    • Any accuracy boosting vest.
    • Any accuracy boosting pants.

    You will need a lot of accuracy because freedom revolver often misses shots.

    What to use:

    • Spotter, spotter, and once again SPOTTER!


    • the first thing is that 25 kills in one match is impossible with single freedom revolver when there are more pros than noobs. So you have to wait for a noob match! There should be like 5 players below 40lvl.
    • dont die too much! Try to shot enemies through a cover. Run and gun tactic doesnt really work unless you are with reall noobs (10-25 lvl).
    • try to avoid meeting stronger enemies. (With spotter i…
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  • Nobody4ever

    The first thing is that my english is very bad, but no one force u to read it, so dont be mean. Ill try my best. Respawnables is great game and i am playing it since the elysium update came. When the first event went live (easter event 1) i felt so excited that the best players are able to have best guns. NO! It wasnt true. The best guns and clothes belongs to players that spends money on game. Every day players with noisy cricket were killing me until they've nerfed it. Then it was great for half a year when they've created THAT FUCKING BATTLE RAM. Noobs with no skill bought them and started crushing pro players. What is the worst in battle ram? That is requires no skill, and also most uncoordinated players can wreck system. Then in the …

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