About Me

I'm a veteran Respawnables Player, I've been playing this game for 6 years, and miraculously, I'm still not bored of it yet.

My in-game username is "Epic dude" (Apologies, I came up with it when I was very young).

Money I've Spent on this Game

Name Price
Elysium $4.99
Noisy Cricket $14.99
Santa's Gear $11.99
Easter Bunny Set $6.99
Yeti $6.99
Urban Ops Pack $14.99
Brazilian Warrior Gear $9.99
Road Warrior Pack $13.99
The Big and Bright Easter Egg $19.99
Total $104.91

Owned Equipment

Weapons Armors Head Body Legs Bundles Masteries
Rookie Machine Gun Exo-Suit Recruit (Blonde) Newbie Jacket (Green) Private Pants (Brown) The Big and Bright Easter Egg Celebration I
Assault Rifle Recruit (Black) Urban Camo T-Shirt Private Pants (Green) Forest Shadow Gear Celebration II
Shotgun Mohawk Newbie Jacket (Orange) Woodland Camo Pants Warrior Bunny Kit Spiky Skin I
Heavy Machine Gun Classic Fan T-Shirt Scout Brazilian Warrior Gear Burning Spirit I
Little Italy Green Beret Vest "Dusty" Pants Santa's Gear Burning Spirit II
Flare Gun Flat Top Camper Heart Camping Pants Easter Bunny Set Burning Spirit III
Sniper Rifle Dreadlocks Santa's Jump Jacket Santa's Jump Pants Urban Ops Pack Fast and Angry I
Blunderbuss The Camper Death Company Hip Hop Pants Classic Hunter Bag Fast and Angry II
Scoped Assault Rifle Santa's Beard "Bullseye" T-Shirt Armored Pants Road Warrior Pack Headshot!
Bazooka Ninja Master One Man Army Beige Suit Pants Elysium
Stake Launcher Emo Purple Suit Jacket Yeti Pants
Airsoft SMG Black Mask The Real Cop Black Suit Pants
Winter Ghost Rifle Yeti Head Yeti Jacket Snow Pants
Dual Pistols Army Cap Black Suit Jacket Cowboy Jeans
Dual Machine Guns Combat Helmet Always Ready Desert Pants
Grenade Launcher High School Vampire Cyborg Body Rioter Pants
Guitar Machine Gun Veteran Snow Coat Urban Pants
MIB Noisy Cricket Riot Helmet Ranger Urban Ops Boots
Revolver Cyborg Desert Jacket Cyber Ninja Greaves
Elite Assault Rifle Trapper Hat Swamp Body Forest Shadow Pants
Anti Material Sniper Ranger Rioter Vest Classic Hunter Jeans
Howitzer Gun Trick Or Treat Urban Ops Jacket Brazilian Warrior Pants
Chemrail Desert Helmet Classic Hunter Waistcost Biker Pants
Double Barrel Shotgun Rioter Ski Mask Forest Shadow Backpack Warrior Bunny Pants
Siege Cannon Urban Ops Beret Urban Fighter Vest Easter Bunny Legs
Plasma Punch Monster Face Cyber Ninja Breastplate
Scoped Assault Rifle Cyber Ninja Helmet Brazilian Warrior Vest
Dual Rookie Machine Guns Wind Carnival Mask Biker Vest
Dual Grenade Pistols Aggressive Carnival Mask Easter Bunny Vest
Plasma Shotgun Brazilian Warrior Mask Warrior Bunny Vest
Bow Biker Bandana
Dual Revolvers Warrior Bunny Mask
Golden Blunderbuss Forest Shadow Hood
Golden Shotgun Classic Hunter Cap
Fire Fist Easter Bunny Ears
Golden "Rookie"
Hunter Handgun
Hunter Shotgun
Zap Gun
Hunter Rifle

Events I've Completed

  • Ninja Path
  • Easter Egg Hunt 4 - Tier 1

My Favourite Pages

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