William Blood

aka Your worst nightmare

  • I live in A makeshift home made of the bodies of AS users! :)
  • I was born on February 20
  • My occupation is Kicking A$$ since 2012
  • I am Male (obviously)

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About MeEdit

My name is Jonathan, I am 16. I enjoy long walks and playing with fluffy kittens... JK, what I really enjoy doing is going on Respawnables, equipping my semi-auto sniper, and wrecking everything in sight!

When I am not racking up headshots, I enjoy pulling out my good ol' trusty RGC and pounding my opponents into the cement. All the rest of the time I am doing school activities.

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My Favourite PagesEdit

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Other Facts About MeEdit

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  • I am heartless (in-game) to anyone who tries to pull crap on me.
  • I will help anyone in the game who needs it.
  • I am a master Rhetorician who you do not want to debate ;)
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