aka Th£ J¤k£® | £l Ch4®®¤ L¤©¤

  • I live in Belgium
  • I was born on June 27
  • My occupation is Respawning, again and again...
  • I am a human (well, I'm not sure of it, but at least, I suppose I am...)

Hello <insert name here>! I am Whitebaz00, and thanks for visiting my profile! If you have any question, ask it on my message wall, I will answer as soon as possible, since I am connected very often.

Template:PlayerPage "Kill me once with the aristocrat, I won't blame you. Do it again and I will shoot your dead body. Shoot my dead body for no apparent reason, and I will shoot yours with the Aristocrat. Shoot my dead body with the Aristocrat and you won't do a step on the map anymore without being killed by me. I'm the J¤k£® and I always have my revenge..."

- Whitebaz00 ([RW]j¤k£®)

Screenshot 2016-10-25-20-25-51

My name originally comes from 'Whitebazooka'

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I am Whitebaz00, and I play respawnables since a pretty long time now. I was first an IOS player, but unfortunately, my iPhone on which I was playing crashed. After that I bought an android device, so now I play on android servers only.

My in-game names are :

  • [RW]J¤k£® (most used)
  • [RW]©h4®®¤ (when I'm tired of my other names)
  • ©h4®®¤L¤©¤ (not so often)
  • IhelpU (when I finished an event)

In-game pics

  • Some in-game fun
  • When you are partying late in the night...
  • Weird glitch in royal garden
  • Strange glitch: this guy has pink gun that shoots grenades?!
  • Again the pink gun guy
  • Pink gun, over and over
  • Pink gun, last pic ;-)
  • Revolver with Chase skin seen
  • When you see someone die in front of you, and his gun is glitched...
  • Wow I can see everybody! It's better than spotter! - glitch in Frozen Bay
  • Again, out-of-the-map glitch in frozen bay
  • My score in multiplayer with Black Charro gear
  • My score in multiplayer with the Outlaw Revolver
  • Negative ammo glitch

Other pics

  • But... That's me!?!
  • "Hmmmm, something makes me think this might be dangerous..."
  • What? I can buy starter pack again?!? "No sir, this is a glitch!"
  • "I'm ready to fight all those Aristocrat noobs sir!"
  • The weapon of the gods 😱😱😱
  • The best bundle in the game <3 <3
  • My first lucky edit!!!
  • I'm the top contibutor of the week!!!
  • OMG!!! 1000 edits!!!

My Favourite Pages

Other Facts About Me

  • The first bundle I bought with real money was the Urban Ops Pack, and it was my greatest in-game mistake...
  • The second thing I paid with real money was the Chemrail ( without the Exosuit ) and it was also a huge mistake
  • My favorite bundle is the Black Charro Gear : I realy like the look of it
  • I am a fairly above-average respawnables player

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And and always remember that YOU, <insert name here>, are the best ;)


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