aka Weaponizer

  • I live in a galaxy far far away...
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is student on break
  • I am a sandwich


Hello guys! I am Weaponizer and I am a guy who likes playing Respawnables. I have only bought one thing in this game, and that is the Black Hero Armor. I hardly even use it, so I am pretty much an F2P.

My IGNs are: [RW]Magma, Dat Tape, Lenny Face, Weaponizer and P90.

So, you guys must be wondering, "How did I come to Respawnables?" It's a short story. My best friend had played this third person shooter that he liked. He had one day recommended this game called Respawnables. I downloaded the game and I loved it. That's how I came to Respawnables.

I really like playing video games, and Respawnables is my favorite. I also enjoy building lego and I like Transformers.

• SAS: Zombie Assault 4

• Transformers: Forged to Fight

• Block Fortress

• Jurassic Park Builder

• Hungry Shark World

Have all of these guns in your collection: Revolver, Howitzer Gun, Blunderbuss, Siege Cannon, Double Barrel Shotgun and Scoped Assault Rifle.

Don't get these guns: Little Italy and Airsoft SMG.

Do not spam paid OP junk such as the Incursion Ram.

Moonwalk or accept other people's moonwalks. If you are doing an event, well then just ignore their moonwalk. Don't kill them, just ignore them.

Always check reviews of a gun you want to get before buying it.

The Anonymous Armor is an Armor that can be bought through the Anonymous bundle. It resembles a man with an anonymous mask wearing a suit and tie. It provides a 21% Agility boost and hides the player's name as well as increases the duration of the Stealth gadget by 50%.

The Anonymous Pistols are a weapon that was released in the Anonymous Gear. It has excellent damage, moderate range, moderate accuracy and excellent agility. They look just like the Dual Pistols except that the Anonymous Pistols are black and have suppressors attached to each pistol.

Now that you've finished reading my page, you know me a little better. If you have questions to ask me about, please post on my Message Wall.

Also, I learned how to add a tabber by checking your page Kenny.

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