• I live in Gotham City; Reach (HALO) and stationed at Blood Gulch.
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is serving justice to anyone whom deserves it (with ma' fists). Getting rid of evils and crime in the world....
  • I am now a "retired" Wikian and am not planing to going back to ANY Wikias at all.

All men have limits. They learn what they are and try not to exceed them. I ignore mine.
Music is like magic, there's a certain feeling you get,

When you real and you spit and people are feeling your shit.

This is your moment, and every single minute you spend,

Tryna hold on to it because you may never get it again.

So while you're in it, try to get as much shit as you can,

And when your fun is over just admit when its at its end...

It's easy to remember a person name and know it, but it's rather hard to have it heard by everybody. So, be the one person to leave your mark and have others know your name for all time to come. Be good. DUDE, be nice.
— Tr143
                        Welcome to the userpage of THE BATMAN

_Hey there random wikian/fandom user (yes you who are reading this, <insert name here>, cause Batman knows all XD), thanks for wandering around to my profile, and while you're reading these, I want you to keep in mind that even though it seems like I put a lot of "personal"/unnecessary-things-that-are-somewhat-unrelated to this game, please know that I want to do it because....whelp...because I'M BATMAN.

_And that it's been fun getting to know you, but sadly, if you're reading this right now, knows that I've already left wikia now. So, if you're new...whelp, then I hope that you'll fine pleasure in reading the tale of one of the greatest wikian this wiki ever had. :D

_So, I've spent countless hours in trying to make it easy, friendly and perfect (to a certain degree :) to read. Also, if you have any questions/concerns or if you want to play a game with me (any game that we have in common, just look at the few sections on the next tabs), just leave a message on my wall.

Short "Previews" about My In-game Infos


My "prolific" gaming career for this game

_My in-game name might change, depends on which clan I want to be in: [RW] SN1PE

_I can say with absolute certainty that I'm the best Shockwave Launcher player in the world!

_I can also say that I might be one of the best Flare Gun MK2 player in the game...

Other In-game Names that I've used

  • Here2HelpU
  • Crt Noble1 (Halo Reach)
  • Kat Noble2 (Halo Reach)
  • EmilNoble3 (Halo Reach)
  • Jun Noble4 (Halo Reach)
  • Jor Noble5 (Halo Reach)
  • 143Noble 6 (Halo Reach)
  • JohnMC117 (Halo in gerneral)
  • D1p$h1T
  • ChukNorris
  • John Cena (stealh-mode on)
  • Derp NOOB
  • Over9K!
  • Deadeye X (mainly as a sniper)
  • SantaBunny • (Christmas)
  • COD Zombie •
  • Give Me $$ •
  • Grun Arruw
  • A KN1GHT
  • Arrow-Borg
  • A PwrRungr
  • Pwr Rungr
  • RobinHooD
  • Presents4U • (Valentine's)
  • Y SoLonely • (Valentine's)
  • A Zombie • (Halloween)
  • A Vampire • (Halloween)
  • VanHelsing • (Halloween)
  • A Bunny • (Easter)

• Seasonal names for "seasonal"/special events and/or days.

Facts About Me

  • Fact #1: If Batman is "The World's Greatest Detective", then that'd makes me "The World's Greatest and Youngest Detective". Long story short, I can totally say that I'm the philosopher/critical thinker of this wiki (though I don't usually show it).
  • Fact #2: I can be an impatient shooter sometimes, though when I'm snipping, I'll use different "methods" to lure the prey out of hiding (or just simply give up and move on to another target).
  • Fact #3: I'm a dancer, singer/songwriter, rapper, artist.
  • Fact #4: More specifically, not to brag, but I'm a Bboy/Breakdancer, if you were asking (look up that term if you still don't know what that is).
  • Fact #5: I'm thinking of getting a tattoo! Maybe, if I can find what I want to put on my arm...
  • Fact #6: When I play Halo, Call of Duty, or any other console games, ya better find ya "safe spot" cause once I get that perfect spot (for a large map), I'll hunt down every single one across my scope; on the other hand, if it's a small maps, I'll just run around quickscoping you instead...
  • Fact #7: At the bottom of my heart, I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE ever, even myself, and despite I sometimes team up with others in a game, I will not fully trust them, as they can lead to my doom if someone were using any types of explosives, which could kill us both...
  • Fact #8: I came to American in 2010! So that's basically makes me an American now. Yay!
  • Fact #9: I'm still learning and pursuing my "dream" of becoming the real life "Batman". Studying different languages, different martial arts styles, subjects, cooking, and even about using guns as well...and I'm still managing, somehow...
  • Fact #10: I am now currently and/or WILL be in the Navy. Doing my job as a "Culinary Specialist", for the next 4-8 years, starting from this date: August of 2017.
  • Extra-bonus fact: despite my "manly" stature here on the wiki, and despite my age, regardless of the year or how old I will be, I'm still "fairly" childish in more than one occasion.....just saying, Power Rangers and Yu-Gi-Oh are still the shit man :D (Dino Thunder and Yusei's Stardust Dragon FTW)!!!

General and Random Pics of Me

  • My own logo for my most well-known name..
  • Here's me in game (a represetation!)
  • This is what real friends are for in this game.
  • Killing Whiplash with my newly-acquired Shockwave Launcher!
  • Guess I'm not the only who got stuck in here.
  • My ninja vision can see through walls!
  • My highest "fair and square" kills in FFA in a match full of lv.50s.....
  • My talent as an artist (yes, its my own drawing!).
  • Here's another of my artwork...I'm too lazy to finish up the rest lol
  • My fav. Halo game, to all those Halo fans out there ;)
  • Any Halo fans out there? :P
  • Just a part of my HALO lego collections; also my 2 fav members from Noble team :)
  • Another one of my artworks.
  • An important message to parents of gamers out there....
  • Honestly though.
  • Possibly my most prized YuGiOh cards! (it's a gold-chrome card Horakty!)
  • Played on my lil' bro's account....
  • Trolling around with newbies. Still own dem though xD
  • Wow, look at this faboulous dance moves!
  • Trolling with a fellow players :P
  • My "Chris Kyle" setup, as an honor to the fallen hero.
  • Trolling as another clan names :P
  • The TRIO OF SNIPERS, unite!!!!! :D
  • Zap Gun Trio, united we POINT (to the spot) xD
  • Got the STUN glitch LMAO :D
  • LOL, got front row seat for this epic sniper battle :D
  • Um......Ok..
  • This noob speedhacker with AS and SF head here...
  • My highest sniper scores in a "fair" match in TDM.
  • My highest sniper scores in TDM!
  • Yep, managed to did that, with his own grenade LMAO XD
  • Vulcan's insane range kills!!!

My own Meme creations



  1. Spotter (originally thought it sucked due to time reduction, but now getting used to it, so it's back at #1 spot lol)
  2. Super Grenades
  3. Ghost Clamp Trap
  4. Ultra Grenade
  5. Ballistic Knife

Head/Armors/Body/Legs (not in order)

Wiki Members That I've Met In the Game

  • Nobody4ever
  • KillRespwnRepeat
  • Ocra+
  • Osmarien
  • Darkangel
  • LukeSkyFliper
  • Elijah888
  • RenegadeCreeper
  • MostFantasticPerson (yep, I'm definitely spelling his name wrong here..)

Respectable Players I met (that are most likely not a member of this wiki)

  • Chase
  • Chase Fan
  • Chase Bros
  • Chase MrKz
  • Chase Anon
  • Gurnski
  • Bl@ke
  • Wi-Fi
  • YouDoneSon
  • stress
  • Chase RA or  [RA] A$IAN
  • WontStopLS
  • Qwerty

Names of players that I hate/don't like in the game (but most definitely hate)

  • Chase (too many noobs with this name)
  • Thunk!
  • Dollar$
  • Rexcreep31
  • LoveYouMF
  • Any IBR names
  • Chase-IBR
  • uBuy2Win?
  • uAllSuck
  • 2Pro4U
  • aww u quit
  • ​Bestia NIA
  • U MAD BRO?
  • Mejor MEX
  • Lol.Barlos<<<<<<Major NOOB Speedhacker...
  • Meta Pelan
  • iBuy2bGay
  • BLC
  • Trillest
  • Juan**
  • Bulb Bunny
  • Skippy
  • Suq Madiq (Suc Ma-Diq...really?!)
  • El sicario
  • Sr.Pistola
  • Rat King
  • M
  • Sage Rajah
  • Mojojojo42
  • Ski
  • Kevin G.
  • Jose G.
  • ItchyB@lls
  • 10_Haeroe+
  • Pvt.Ryan
  • Endhound007
  • XC
  • Heres johny
  • McLaren P1
  • ​I.kill.u
  • El-Matatan
  • ​Idonthelp
  • Trullies
  • Bogus
  • MzSMOKEula
  • DankMeme
  • Anyone with a "." in their name.....or ","

Wiki Achievements

  1. Obtained ALL of the badges!
  2. Reached over 10K edits!!
  3. Ranked "at least" top 3 in the Leaderboard!
  4. Getting to know at least 2/3 of the wiki's members!

Things I love about this game

  • Constant trolling with my buds!
  • The graphics and the simple mechanics of the game, its fairly easy to play.
  • Helping others completing the tier/events!
  • Quickscoping others!
  • I'm a sniper, so, whenever I see/know a game that has "exotic" snipers, I'm basically hooked!
  • Killing other Noobs that are using BattleRam with a "weaker" weapon (shame on them!).
  • The community!
  • That great feeling that you've acomplished when you know that you've helped someone finished the event (mostly I "let them" kill me for free lol). And that they give their thanks back by moonwalking.
  • Spamming Ghost Clamp in noobs that spam Ghost Clamp and kill them more than they kill me with it.

Things I hate about this game

  • Noobs that "abused" their "privilege" to have fun, by using BattleRam in every single match!
  • Pay2Win-type of game. It's completely unfair for other players who just started the game, when they have to go up against "veterans" with OP AF guns...
  • A**holes whom shoot at my body for no apparent reasons.
  • Campers, like, the ones that use OP guns and stay in one spot; ones that uses Cyber Ninja, camp, uses OP guns, wear resistance against other guns, using "unfair" gadgets when I approach them......
  • Noobs that are below lv. 50 and run around with OP bundles and/or use OP guns.
  • IBR clan....enough said.
  • Campers with Battleram, on the map Rocket.......using Armors.....and sometimes use either Health or Invisibility.
  • Try-hards nabs that use "unfair" advantages against others...
  • Have I tell you that I hate noobs that ruin everyone's time to do the event? No, Oh, well, I'll put this here.
  • Noobs that are spamming Ghost Clamp.
  • Nowadays F2P noobs that use more OP guns than I even do, despite I have more than them :/

+If you do play any of these other games I listed here, please add me so we can play together :P

Steam Games

                        My Steam name is SwayerSNIPE. ADD ME!!!!!

IOS Games

  • Fate/Grand Order. Multiple gender-bended waifus in one place? Sign me up please lol!

Android Games

{Back when I had an Adroid phone, but I'm sure my game "profile" still exists}

  • SAS3. Username is SwayerSNIPE (Finished game, bought all premium items. but started over cause I bought Phoenix badge T.T totally worth it LOL).   

Console Games (Xbox 360 for now, since that's what i own)

{My XBOX Live name is SwayerSNIPE, add me if you'd like}

  • Halo 3, ODST, Reach. (For some reasons, I'm better at this than Cod lol)
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2. (Come one now, classic Zombies and MP FTW!)
  • Gears of War 1-2. (Had a blast killing those dam grubs)
  • Injustice: Gods Among US. (Whelp, BATMAN FTW!!)

  • "Gaming" email (lel):


  • "Bussiness" email (XD):


  • IG: thatboy.tree and/or _treesome


  • Facebook: Above link.


  • Steam: Above link, ya morons.

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