aka [UK] 0RC4

  • I live in The Outer Rim
  • My occupation is Respawnables addict
  • I am Male

Your four-second death (me!) goes by a few names, but I am currently a member of -D-, LS, YDS, ERP, and UK, and my name is \0RC4/ LS.

Leader of OCN

Instagram is needed for details about OCeaN

My favorite weapons: Edit

  • Revolver
  • DMR-003
  • Hunter Rifle
  • Stig Rifle
  • Flare Gun

I will shoot your DB if you: Edit

  • Shoot my DB for no reason
  • Use Dual Freedoms/Armed Guitar Case with Charro Head
  • Use Aristocrat's SG
  • Camp behind corners
  • Repeatedly steal my kills
  • Disrupt a party
  • Shoot one of my friends' DBs after killing them
  • Have an offensive IGN
  • Try to be as awesome as me

Cool people I've played with (aka bragging): Edit

  • Respawnables Laser Light Show

    Respawnables Laser Light Show

  • Bulb Bunny
  • Chase XA / XA $ I A N
  • Chase Bros
  • Tr143
  • KillRespwnRepeat/ GSCB|K.R.R.
  • Nobody
  • WontStopLS
  • DeadEyeLS
  • Sunny
  • RA|AIDS (aka resplayer)
  • RA|PHANTM / ChaseElite
  • Gurnski
  • D / DNL216
  • RA|L4RS
  • RA|NAB
  • [MR]Sesory
  • Sasory
  • stress (Entanglements)
  • Chase/Rusty XTL/ |RA|L4RS
  • Bl@ke
  • CaveM4n
  • JoJoGaming
  • Chase Anon (current leader of Chase X clan)
  • Chase E (EJN Rspn)
  • Chase Mrkz
  • |RA|CR4ZYS (leader of RA clan)
  • YouDoneSon
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