aka Maciek Kwak

  • I live in Poland
  • I was born on May 23
  • My occupation is Gamer
  • I am Male
Hi! My name is Nobody and i play Respawnables since Elysium update, sadly I ve deleted my first account with a mistake. Im quite skilled player and I ussualy win fair gunfights but sometimes im terribly weak and everyone is killing me just because... because... BECAUSE I LIKE TO BE DEAD, OKAY?
  • Feel my swag
  • I look absolutely amazing
  • You wish look like that, don't you?

About MeEdit

  • Device: IOS
  • Name: Nobody
  • Gamecenter Name: Nobody4ever (feel free to add me)

Favourite Guns Edit

  • Revolver (#OldDays I love this gun <3)
  • SAS (Run & Gun with a sniper rifle? No problem)
  • Rocket Guitar Case (Explosions everywhere, yes especially around you)
  • Stig Rifle (Classic, that's all I want)
  • MiniNOOBgun (Only sometimes, for Rammies)

What I Like Edit

  • Being on the first possition
  • Having more than 40 kills per match
  • Killing Battle Ram users
  • Killing pros with Rookie Machine Gun
  • Revolver duels
  • Parties, parties and once again PARTIES

What I Dont Like Edit

  • Being on the second possition
  • Having less than 20 kills per match
  • When there aren't any Battle Ram users to kill :(
  • Being killed by Rookie Machine Gun
  • Cyber Ninja Helmet+Stun Granade+Aristocrat Shotgun
  • Tryharding

Some Looks Edit

Epic pictures Edit

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