NYC Ripper

aka James Chen/ 陈佳

  • I live in Culver Indiana USA/ Beijing China
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

My name is James Chen(陈佳 in Chinese). I'm an Chinese IOS respwanables player since the winter of 2013. However, for a long time from summer in 2014 to May 2015 I didn't play respawnable because I was preparing my language test. At the end of May, I finished all the test and got an offer from a high school in America and now I've got sometimes to play but I forgot the password of my old account, thus, I started a new one. I'll go to my school in Culver, Indianna this August. And I wish all the players in respawnables can have a good time in playing it and thanks for all the editors and contributors to the respawnables Wiki. It's really an useful website for all respawnables players!
In Respawnables

My name in Respawnables : NYC Ripper/[RW]NYCRip/SorryDude/HelpMePlz

Favorite weapon: Revolver, Sliver Wolf, Thumper, Aristocrat's Shotgun

Favorite bundles: Close Quarters Pack(Event I don't have it)

Preferred mutiplayer mode: Free for all(I'll be in Team VS only at the time when there's no people in Free for all or during an event that required to be in Team VS)

Advantages if you meet me in multiplayer:

1,There's is a percentage to be friend with me (At the time when I feel OK or when I feel happy )

(By using a moonwalk or shoot to the ground is the way to be friend with me.)

2,During an event, if I finished the event very early, I may help others(At the time when I feel OK or happy)

Disadvantages if you meet me:

1, Sometimes I'll be aggressive when I feel angry by carrying an Aristocrat's Shotgun or Thumper and you can't team with me.(Even if you use a moonwalk or shooting to the ground.)

Trivia about me in Respawnables:

1,My skill is not really good.(Since I haven't play it for a long long time.)

2, Sometimes the time when I enter the game is normal to all of you(During the time when I was in USA)

Sometimes I may enter the game in midnight (USA Eastern Region Time) because I returned to China during some long holiday in USA(Such as Christmas.)

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