Hello, My name is LordHazanator on Respawnables. If you would like to talk to me about anything then please leave it on my message wall. I read notifications quite often so don't hesitate to ask :)

Find me on YouTube: Tristanator, for the console games I play (possibly PC as well)

Find me in the game: [RW]LordH, to see me in action!

Having played this game since October 2013, I have bought many bundles in the past, leading to a blackmail effect on me, where I need to be satisfied with what I have bought in the long run. So I continue to play, and hopefully give the best advice possible that I can deliver. Also, I became an Admin on the wiki here on May 3rd 2014, so I have to thank Dan67 AKA Reborn Dan for that! Personally, I have played Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Modern Combat and Respawnables in my Shooter experiences. I may try Counter Strike in the future. Shooters have become an obsession to me, where I analyse the potential of how long each of them will serve me in the overall fun factor. Life is a precious thing, and I intend to live it through enjoyment.

Weapons I loved using! :

Minigun: 49-0 without gadgets.

Thumper: 48-0 without gadgets.

Dual Rookie Machine Guns: 40-0 without gadgets.

Blunderbuss: 46-0 without gadgets.

Double Barrel Shotgun: 49-0 without gadgets.

Flare Gun 54-0

Maskeleon Rifle: 49-0

Maskeleon Rifle Rifle mode: 40-0

Maskeleon Rifle Sniper Mode: 45-0

Maskeleon SMG Mode: 40-0

Rookie Machine Gun: 68-0 April Fools

My Wiki Event BadgesEdit

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