aka Mr awesome

  • I live in Australia mate
  • I was born on November 27
  • My occupation is Killing those ATT33 and maskeleon noobs with my Hunter rifle
  • I am boy

Hey guys

I am a respawnables player. I am not a elite but I think im decent enough. If you see me moonwalk with me and we can become friends. I never reject someone who moonwalks me. I am very skilled with the semi automatic sniper and I think that has to be my favorite weapon in the game because it requires so much skill to use. I also really like the silver wolf because it is a fun gun but you need skill to use it.

My record in missions is 60 kills and 0 deaths with the battle ram. my record with the sniper in missions is 32 kills and 0 deaths and my record in multiplayer is 44 kills and 2 deaths with the thumper. My sniper record in multiplayer is 36 kills and 4 deaths. PS i LOVE THE THUMPER.

My favorite weapons (not in order) 



Silver wolf

Semi Automatic sniper

hunter rifle

Energy stinger

Automatic shotgun

Fire fist (yes i do have this weapon)

hunter rifle

Cold bean rifle (yes yes i know its a bit old school)

Flare gun

and minigun just to name a few

IN Game Names

(RW) Awe

PN | awe

RO | Awe

Mr awesome (I play as this one the most)

Other Facts About Me

  • If you shoot my dead body i will laugh at my ipad i wont care.If you shoot my dead body i dont care. in fact i laugh at my ipad
  • Fact i play respawnables
  • Fact I live in a house
  • Fact I am actually a human

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