aka Indrajit

  • I live in Shadowy lair
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Playing my favourite fps games and be best in there.
  • I am Male
Welcome to this Wiki! This is my user page. Only I will edit it.

About Me

Hey I am Indrajit.My ign on Respawnables is iMercenary.I am completely F2P for now.But as this game is now P2W's paradise so I will buy some OP weapons.I play on android device.If luckily meet me just moonwalk to me,true me will befriend of you.

Epic Pictures

Coming soon

My Favourite Pages

Not yet XD

Other Facts About Me

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  • I am 50% more Happier than U.
  • I am a freemium player.
  • Kill me to get your worst nightmare.
  • Now I see I am getting popular in game.


For now dont rate XD }}
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