Faizan the Ninja

aka Faizan

  • I live in India
  • My occupation is Bad question
  • I am Male, man can't you see

About this NinjaEdit

HEY , I am Faizan the Ninja. My real name is Faizan. Why Ninja you ask, well I like it that way. My primary job here is to make you happy and comfortable with the wiki. So if you are new and want to know anything about the game or the wiki, you know whom to ask, or do you!! My favourite weapon is the Double Barrel Shotgun and theDual Machine Guns , although I try to use all weapons. You can see me by the name Faizan, coz that's my name. My appearance in multiplayer/missions , well you can see that below.

Epic Pictures Of This Epic NinjaEdit

Screenshot 2015-05-01 at 1.59.45 AM

  • Muhahaahhahahha
  • wait, I forgot my guns
  • a ninja dies in mid-air
  • They say they won't post me with the guitar on fb

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Other Facts About this ninjaEdit

  • Fact #1 Nothing special
  • Fact #2 Ok, break it up,I said nothing special.
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