aka 3Ł1J@5 | J0$ËP# | /\Ñ+|-|Ø^¥

  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on June 13
  • My occupation is NOTHINGNESS
  • I am a Christian who is 20% cooler than you :P

Welcome to my profile page! Edit

Hello there <insert name here> and welcome to my profile page! I am an active person on this wiki. I am an above average Respawnables player with a below average aiming skill. Because of this, most elites are far more skilled then me. I play on IOS only. I have been here for a while posting and helping out with some small edits as an anon, but I have decided to sign up to truly be a part of this community. My new Gamecenter is Elijah837 so please add me! My second account is Hajile450 which I made for April Fools 2016. Hajile backwards is Elijah! If you see us fighting, which is super rare, then prepare to witness the greatest battle of chat!

My jobs on the wikiEdit

These are the jobs I have assigned myself to do on this wiki!

  • Edit all kinds of mistakes to prevent cringe.
  • Revert spams and other kinds of page assaults.
  • Be the first to add information when events come out.
  • Brag about edits.
  • Get all the Lucky Badges and beat Darkangel's #1 position.

Random stuff about me! Edit

  • I am an early member and one of the 2 official recruiters (Tr143 is the other) of the Respawnables Wiki Clan (RWC) which was founded by PRO jukes and our clan tag is [RW]. If you want to join, please go to my message wall and read the greeting, all the information needed to join is listed there. For more information about the clan, visit the official RWC wiki. My youtube channel is R Uy so please check it out!
  • I am apparently a co-founder of Ghost Friend clan! I was suddenly invited to this clan without asking, and I am happy since I was coincidentally looking for a clan! I did not meet any of the super hard requirements, but I am still in!!
  • I am also the co-founder of the disbanded Super Saiya-Jin clan!
  • I am also the co-founder of "The Royalties" clan!
  • I am also the co-founder of "Filipino Clan" clan! XD
  • I cannot watch TV because the cable was destroyed by a storm. Even if I can, I can only access local Philippine channels. I watch my favorite shows online.
  • My favorite shows are: (not in order)
    • My Little Pony (I am a Brony!)
    • Sonic Boom
    • Teen Titans Go (It's not the worst show!)
    • Dragon Ball Super
    • Marvel's The Avengers: Ultron Revolution
    • Ultimate Spiderman vs. The Sinister 6
  • I like Rule 34 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • I am a Christian

Facts about meEdit

Thank you to @itz_kr4t0s on Instagram, my long awaited dream of having the Cyber Ninja Gear was accomplished when I had access to an account with almost everything in the game! The password has been changed by the owner, I am so fortunate that I still have it saved on the device! Template:PlayerPage

My previous names for all my other banned accounts is Elijah, however I now have 5 names! [RW]Elijah, |GF|Elijah, |TR|Elijah, -FC-Elijah and Pr!M3z X8G. I believe that people who spam spotters are not real elites, and people who activate spotters at the last seconds of the match are just wasting money. If you see me in game, please moonwalk so we can win matches together and have fun! No matter what equipment you have or what level you are, I will be friendly if you are friendly. I will usually stand beside a dead body to show that I won't shoot him so we won't start a personal war. Also, if you will shoot another person's dead body, I will not join you in shooting them.

I have been banned about 2 times from Respawnables for hacking. I have been here since the beginnings of Respawnables in my first account, but now I have been purchasing bundles and patronizing a Digital Legends Entertainment. 

The usual outfits seen in the gallery are my old ones. Since I bought the Mexico Jersey and the USA B Jersey, I will now primarily use them because they just look awesome. These only apply in my own account, not the new one.

My Swag :DEdit

  • CASH: 4,450,579 Cash icon

  • GOLD: 4,805 GoldIcon

Last update: April 10, 2016


  • Making friends and meeting old ones!
  • People who crash parties, then the party members fight him alltogether. It spices up things and is really fun!
  • Having more than 20 kills in a match.
  • Getting more kills than deaths.
  • Going easy on beginners and mid level players.
  • Getting a kill when the match starts!
  • Winning a match!


  • People who shoot dead bodies because:
    • Shooting because another person was shooting
    • Shooting for an unknown reason
    • Shooting because he has friends
    • Shooting because we had a long fight
  • Servers filled with too many players far more skilled than me.
  • Being alone in a server D: (but free money!)
  • Having less than 10 kills in a match.
  • Getting more deaths than kills.
  • Go easy on players too much and get dominated instead.
  • Get killed before I can make my first kill!
  • Loosing a match :(

These are some of my cool Respawnables pictures! Some may be outdated and they are not in order, but please enjoy!

  • Beginner befriended! (Not a level 50!)
  • Awesome score!
  • Real Pand on Youtube told me he wasn't on for 2 days, meaning this is most likely a fake Pand.
  • I met Fantastic!
  • Nobody4Ever took this picture of me during the Saint Patrick event!
  • UAV and -D- Âsh teaming up with me!
  • I found [RW]Heroic (Angangang) before he temporarily lost his account!
  • Yay!
  • I stunned this Speed hacker! Click the picture to check out my video on it.Go to "Speed Hacker Stunned!"
  • White Hero Armor party!
  • This beginner shot my dead body once in the previous match. This is what happened next!
  • I accidentally did the floating glitch for the first time!
  • Zap Gun party!
  • I found XYZ_Sn1PE for the second time!
  • Kenny had the Gmod glitch! It's the first time I saw it, however the glitch disappeared once I took this picture
  • I finally got the JP-BEK!
  • I met [RW] SN1PE (Tr143) for the first time! And is @ HULK + Rohit?
  • Mine stacking!
  • The Gmod glitch in action!!!
  • The Gmod glitch in action, this time with the full body!
  • He IS flying!!!
  • I met stress! (Entanglements)
  • I welcomed Shifo before Spooky Rish's instant automated message can!
  • I got super lucky!!!
  • I headshot and body shot the exact same person because of lag!
  • Thank you!
  • This is proof that I have played with Anon long time ago
  • UAV's new name!
  • Having some party fun!

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