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  • I live in Dunno
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is You are a toaster.
  • I am Dunno

<insert name here> I don't have those special things other wikians have or know how to make them

Yellow there person who has come to my profile page. I rarely edit this anymore, so it might be out of date.

Sort of active in game not much happens. The game keeps changing too much for me and old weapons are getting replaced by newer ones and there are probably still hackers playing.

Hackers where u go?

Ded. - 6/23/2019

Who I am

I am [RW] Dragon in game and am very skilled in most types of weapons and my primary and preferred weapon is the Dragons Breath Cannon although I don't use it when it gets nerfed and resort to the Heavy Shatterer which doesn't have a major nerf I know of. I love using the Headless Baron and plan on using it with any blue colored weapons or Halloween related during the week of Halloween. Poison users be gone. Railgun has become the new menace, along with the anti tank. I tend to use my outdated (but still very useful) White hero armor and Dragon's Breath Cannon in teams, the extra health helps me survive a shot from my own weapon but now it's mostly just to help aim and run around.

DBC makes a comeback in this CNY event.

Meh Style of Gameplay

I tend to like charging in without a plan but I do it by myself and do with a close range range weapon. Got Minigun and gonna use it to murder all those AGC spammers and OP weapons with buffs. I don't mind AS users but AS with S.F, nope. Plus you're a noob if you do. Those brainless railgun spammers made me change up strategy so now I camp around corners with my trusty DBC and it's able to strike them even when they're around a corner.

Railgun got nerfed, but I still use the DBC.

What has this game become.

Bundles I got.

  1. Headless Baron
  2. Impaler's kit
  3. Halloween Weapons Collection
  4. Warrior Bunny kit
  5. (Probably more to come)


  1. Chinese New Years (2)
  2. Grenade Fest (3)
  3. Road to Glory (2)
  4. Spooky Nights


  1. Dragon's Breath Cannon (favorite)
  2. Monkey's Rifle (lost)
  3. Monkey Staff
  4. Freedom revolver
  5. Heavy Shatterer
  6. Automatic Grenade Launcher
  7. Gatling Punch
  8. Armed Guitar Case
  9. Haunted Guns
  10. Toxic Guns
  11. Night Screech (lost)
  12. Armed Guitar Case
  13. Dual Rookie Machine guns (lost)
  14. Minigun
  15. Hunter rifle

  1. Aristocrat's Shotgun
  2. Dual Stake Launchers
  3. Armed Guitar Case
  4. Haunted Guns
  5. Toxic Guns
  6. Hunter rifle
  7. Minigun

Events I know I been in.

  • Halloween Haunt
  • Summer Camp (2)
  • Saute Our Troops
  • Winter Camp
  • Chinese New Years (2)
  • Grenade Fest (3)
  • Ghostbusters (2016)
  • Summer Camp (3?)
  • Road to Glory (2)
  • Spooky Nights
  • Saint Patrick's
  • Soldiers Graduation
  • Superstars
  • Summer camp (4? Made a return)
  • Completely lost track...

Some info about my life outside of Respawnables

I'm a Halo fan and love retro games considering I grew up with them I never got to play modern games. I'm quite skilled in the art of gaming usually besting my family and friends even with games I've never played before. (Halo 5 Guardians was a disappointment). I've started to catch up with the times but I'm still behind. War robots is currently my most played game and I outshine fellow players but occasionally I see someone better then I ever will be.

Of course I'm a pokemon fan and can name almost every pokemon in the pokedex given a picture, can also give the right typings for each pokemon without flaw. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were great but they should have been released first instead of Sun and Moon. I HAVE BEATEN THE SINGLE BATTLE LEGEND AT THE BATTLE TREE.

HA Universe 7 won the Tournament of Power, Eat it Bane.


Also a pretty new python coder.

Halo stuff

Muh favorite weapons in the game are Ravening Silver, Blaze of Glory, Selene's Lance, and Beam rifle Alpha. Blaze of Glory and Selene's Lance are high tier weapons and are no surprise that I would use them. Ravening Silver and Beam rifle Alpha (Actually called Halo 2 Beam Rifle Alpha) are lower tier weapons but they attack a lot quicker which can mean the difference between getting a kill and getting killed.

Favorite pokemon

  • Rayquaza (Mega evolution form is epic)
  • Eevee's evolutionary line (adorable and powerful too)
  • Blaziken (started in Gen 3, first starter)
  • The Legendary Titans of Hoenn
  • Golisopod (pretty powerful and has a signature move)
  • Haxorus (Need i say more?)
  • Tsareena (Ability let's me fight priority users without worry)
  • Zorua and Zorark (I think they're the best Dark types)
  • Lunala (looks like a bat)
  • Garchomp (Powerful pokemon and can mega evolve)
  • Wishiwashi (More powerful than Garchomp in schooling form)
  • Xurkitree (lightning tree m8)
  • Celesteela (my favorite ultra beast)
  • Aggron (literal train)
  • Slaking (nearly as strong as Mega Garchomp)
  • Kyorge and Groudon (Fear them for they are stronger than Arceus itself)

Also meme lord on a Discord with the intention of flooding my school's drives with like 8 gigabytes of memes (Dank and Nomie)

Planning on adding more


  • Everyone died
  • Got final prize of trial 2!
  • The final prize of the Road to Glory (2).
  • DOG MAYOR!!!!
  • Weirdest glitch ever
  • Some people in respawnables.
  • Just thought this was funny
  • My dream
  • Political meme
  • The Byzantine empireball
  • This describes my life
  • Carnivorous Whale.
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