About me

I don't have all the weapons but I have all gold weapons except airsoft gun .And I can be pretty good when I want to be. I will kill all who stand in my way and I will kill noobs ( self defence only............most of the time anyway) To some I am a friend and to some I am a Troll. To some I am a helper and to some I Unhelp. I don't have Ze Goat( The Ram) and I don't really hate the ones who use them Unless Theyre on the opposite team THEN ZE DIE with my Aristocratic Thunder and Sef head . Sometimes I Trøll I admit it but I dont ignore a moonwalk (usually) Idont use aristocrap unless theres onather one in Ze Gameand even then I usually uSe Hunter.

NAMES Hmm I have many names but ones I use most are these

Right now im using the name |RW)Døøm or |RW)Pøøl

Døømsday/Mr Døøm/Døømbøss/Deadpøøl


GreenGobln/ Mr Green ( I wear something green for this)

Uglÿ Spÿ

Emo F@g ( yes you read corrctly and I use the EMO head for this)

LØL Trøll ( one can guess the purpose of this)

MY Favorite Guns

Dual stake launcher ( Anything Dual except cash duals)

Haunted Guns

Automatic Shotgun

Semi Automatic Sniper

SMG Howling



My Sets ( I usually use any weapons I want ) and my FAVORITE Armor piece is Black mask

For just casual play I use Santa head with Deaths Company and Santa legs ( The Red Ones )

Second casual play Dreadlocks or Black Mask with Urban T shirt and SF Legs ( i don't use shot guns with this..........usually)

Noob Destroyer: Black mask or Trick or treat S.F Body and Legs and Automatic Shotgun

Elite Destroyer : S.F Head, Mud Body And S.F Legs and Aristocrat or hunter or Tri barrel

Warning: If I see someone using my names I WILL shoot your dead and alive body

Username in ResELIpawnables: Døømsday/Ugly Spy /Hanzo




Username in Respawnables: Døømsday/Ugly Spy /Hanzo Warning: If I see s
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