aka Bob The Builder

  • I live in In Serbia
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Ummm.. The Respawnables
  • I am Male

About MeEdit

I always preffer to play fair, even if there are hackers in the game. I love equiping some noob outfit with the revolver, and just run around the map without getting killed xd.

Although I like having fun and laughing my ass off when people can't kill me, during the events I evolve into another player that has a lot of skill and a lot of experience in the game that tries as hard as he can to complete the event. No matter what weapon or task, if the final prize is worth the effort, you'll be seeing me running around with the most op stuff I have.

But when I'm not being godlike in events (mostly when I've finished them) I love to help noobs finish events. I get how hard it is to fight a br using a bolt-action sniper.

Other Facts About MeEdit

  • It is true that my account got suspended once for no actual reson! I sent an email to DLE but, of course, they didn't answear.
  • I play on Android, and I am a member of a great group of Respawnables, where players help each other during different events.
  • One of those guys is Reize
  • I am a Vainglory player too. Anyone playing VG on EU servers add me: Bonecrusher453.
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