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Bane's curse of Truth and his main power on the wiki

  • My heavy set
  • My close range set
  • My assault set
  • My op set
  • My stealth killer set
  • My explosive set

Personal information

Hello dear user i am Bane64 the founder of the respawnables wiki and I have been editing since 2012.You can ask me or talk to me about anything in the game or the wiki and I will be happy to help you. The staff here works really hard to provide the wiki with the latest updates and the hottest tips available across the whole internet. The staff here is specialized in many different things such as: coding,security,editing and a lot more! This wiki would be nothing without them and I thank them for their hard work!  If you are interested in joining and start editing then come along but if any vandalism/cursing/blackmailing and so on is detected there will a an instant ban of different time period depending on what you did.

My job on the wiki

As the founder of this wiki my job is to moniter the wiki activity and solve issues people are having on the wiki and in the game. I have the equivalent power to an administrator which means I can ban and unban people. I can also promote/demote anyone to any rank. I also know how to code well so if you would like to change something in the wiki you can ask me. If I catch someone deleting content or being aggressive I will ban him without hesitation. I also take care of the respawnables wiki facebook page.

My in-game information

Now about me in-game I am a level 50 player and I have mastered a bunch of weapons but my signature weapons remain dual rookie machine guns,thumper and monkey rifle. I am a pro player and i can COMPLETLY confirm that I'am the first player to have played this game. Since i was prepared for it before it's release. I have 1000000 Cash icon and 4000 GoldIcon and i spent over 600$ Dollar1 on this game! My in-game name is [RW*]Bane64 and my gamecenter is Pantxo++ so feel free to add me!


Events I completed:

2014 Events

*Easter egg hunt 1

  • Hand grenade fest 1
  • Summer camp 1
  • Ghostbusters event
  • Monster mash
  • Ninja path

2015 Events

*Chinese new year 1 (without any armor)

  • Easter egg hunt 2
  • Not earth day (screw dat)
  • Salute our troops
  • Summer camp 2
  • Mexican fiesta (Yes i'm an MLG god)
  • Halloween hunt
  • Winter camp (exept last trial)

2016 Events

*All of them

2017 Events

  • ALL

Weapons I love:


  • Rainbows end
  • Thumpa (hell yeah)
  • Cricket (despite everything)
  • Golden gun
  • Dual stake launchers
  • Armed guitar case
  • Rocket guitar case
  • And finally...Dual rookie's

How to contact me

There are two places were you can contact me:

* ''If you wish to contact me privatly:'' The respawnables facebook page:Please tell me your wiki username so i know you're from the wiki.I will respond slightly slower there but our conversation will be kept private

Anyway have a good day and enjoy editing/respawning!

Bane64{FOUNDER} (TalkContribs)
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