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  • I live in 6°08'03.1"N 125°10'32.3"E
  • I was born on May 6
  • My occupation is Doing weapons scripts for Left 4 Dead 2 and doing my part for this wiki in any ways I can.


A Junko a day keeps the mushrooms away!

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CMb Data Base


Welcome Back [REDACTED]

I do my "work" on all platforms. I heavily discourage platform wars because our "tools" of entertainment are meant for us to be united as one and not in conflict.

Combat Reports

There is nothing to worry about me when you see me in the game! We can party and play hordes together but normally I would just shoot you down because.. let's face it, it is a killing game. Just do the gesture when you see me so we can set things straight.

Preferred Weapons

The list of weapons that are commonly used.
Atarot Handgun Vet 3000 Atom Semi-Automatic Sniper
Healing Crossbow Stun Rifle Classy Rifle
Sniper Rifle DMR-003 Black Naga
Stig Rifle Fire Spitter Zombie Incinerators


Weapon Analysis Section

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