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A Junko a day keeps the mushrooms away!

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A lot of personal stuff is happening but I'll do my best to fill up what I can.

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My ign in Respawnables is [CMb]Elite, I'm usually equipped with the Close-quarters Mask, Bunny Vest, and Bunny Legs, unless the current event or situation requires me to change armors. I normally don't follow the meta of the game, hinted by the lack of protection of my get up.

Field Log Edit

I hate players that play dirty and hack. I also have a hate for players that abuse other players(no honor), especially those that troll newbies hard. It's just not right and such actions can push potential players away from the game. Currently, I'm more active in Call of Duty Mobile.

Preferred Weapons Edit

The list of weapons that are commonly used.

Other Info Edit

Favorite characters

Junko Konno(Zombieland Saga)
- Junko's character captivates me. Her personality and appearance is good chemistry. As a former idol of the showa-era, her views of idols contrasts those of modern idols. In-spite those, she has the most "power" in Franchouchou when singing.
Koishi Komeiji(Touhou Project)
- Koishi is my most favorite character among the Touhou girls, followed by her older sister, Satori Komeiji. She's a satori youkai, a youkai that has the ability to read minds using their third eye. Because of the hate for her kind, wanting to escape fear and hate, Koishi sealed her third eye but it had the side effect of sealing her own conscious mind. She is one of the depressing characters in Touhou Project.
Chihiro Uomi(Seitokai Yakuindomo)
- I love it when she appears in a scene in the anime and joins the Ousai student council members or the Takatoshi residence. She always spice things up with her mature appearance that contrasts to her personality. Watch the anime and/or read the manga.

Editor Note: Edit

I started playing the game before it migrated to a new app that everyone is using today. I used to play Respawnables on a daily basis, eventually it turned into 4 times a week, then becoming only when there are active events that I can compete in. The developers became too greedy and predatory to their player base which caused me to become disillusioned from playing and competing in events. Right now, with the hacking situation of the game, it became a pain to play multiplayer matches. Veteran players are progressively being replaced by new ones who are TOXIC. My support for the game will not be the same as how it was during the golden age of the game.

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