It is said on the streets that those who wear the skull badge can't miss a single target.
— Game Descriptions.
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It is $11.99 Dollar1 now.

The Urban Ops Pack is a bundle introduced in the February 27th update. This bundle comes with the Elite Assault Rifle. Buying the bundle used to cost $14.99 Dollar1, then $6.99 Dollar1. After the Summer Camp 2 (Update), it costs $11.99 Dollar1 and is now permenatly in the shop. After some time it was removed from the bundles tab leaving the Professional Pack the only current way to get it.  


Urban Ops Bundle

This outfit is the 2nd to get a 30% Accuracy boost. If used with a Sniper Rifle or Anti Material Sniper, almost no enemies can escape. Even Exosuit players with 20% speed nearly cannot avoid this equipment.

Along with the Elite Assault Rifle which has balanced stats (3 on each bar), this equipment is good for campers and Camping tactic. But not all accuracy can be lost. Equipping only one set of this set still gives the player good accuracy. If added with the Agility sets the player can run with high speed as well as having high accuracy. With health sets the player can be a Tanky player with high accuracy.

Recommended PairingEdit


Urban Ops2

Limited Time Urban Ops Bundle in the Loading Screen


  • The outfit could represent either the GIGN, SAS, GSG 9, or S.W.A.T. operatives, as proper identification can not be made at this time.
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