• As seen in the shop
  • Ultra Grenade Promotional
  • Ultra Grenade as Tier 3 prize
  • As seen in the shop
  • Anti-Explosive Set (Grenade Fest)
  • Ultra Grenade in real life

The Ultra Grenade is a grenade that is unlocked after completing tier 3 of the Grenade Fest or by spending $1.99 Dollar1 to get twenty-five Ultra Grenades. Also, by buying the Anti-Explosive Pack, you will receive a bonus of 75 Ultra grenades.


Ultra Grenades are just like super grenades but they're slightly stronger being able to kill players in a single hit depending on how much armor they're equipped with, either around 15% or 30%. The description also says that it has a long reach. It also has a bigger blast radius than other grenades.


  • If the player has a bad spending habit, then suspect the tax collector to come within weeks.
  • It is not effective against people wearing explosive resisting armors such as Anti-Explosive armors, Black Hero Armor, and more.


Ultra Grenade1
  • An Ultra Grenade's explosion is the as damaging as the Thumper's.
  • These Ultra Grenades resembled the German Stielhandgranate that is used during World War 2. They also resemble the prototype of the Stielhandgranate, the Chinese Stick Grenade. 
  • The model of the grenade probably makes the grenade have a long reach. In real life, the Stielhandgranate and Chinese Stick Grenade are also known to be easy to throw in a really far range, even can beat an RGD-5 grenade that is much more modern than Stielhandgranate and Chinese Stick Grenade [1].


Respawnables - Ultra Grenades

Respawnables - Ultra Grenades

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