The Ultra-Adder is a Poison Ammo Bows added in the Archery Tournament 2 (Update); and again in Summer Camp 5

Strategy Edit

Much like other bows, this one too relies on a Camping strategy in order to maintain a decent range away form competitive players, Shotguns, and Heavy Weapons. What it lacks for a reload speed, it makes up for an incredibly powerful pull-back shot, dealing damage so devastating it cuts through the Knight Cuirass armor, so far it is the only bow and arrow to deliver enough damage to down such users. However it's major flaws are it's base accuracy and knockback, of which is only helpful against Shotguns, otherwise it will leave you vulnerable for 1 second (bear in mind what you're going up against, even seconds matter!), with that out of the way, this weapon preforms best in a Camping strategy as your massive recoil and one shot clip makes you easy to overwhelm, but nonetheless, with great range, and at max charge, being able to hit players across the map instantly, means your not going down that easy.

Onto the gear you should be wearing, do avoid agility buffs and damage buffs as your not going be running all that often, merely to get to point A and point B, and with so much heat already packed into the weapon you wont be needing a damage buff, unless of course it's Glass Cannon. With the gear already laid out for you in the Sandman Flask use the legs to escape sticky situations in a snap, and the head and body gear to make it out of a firefight alive, or so as not to take to much damage before new enemies re-spawn or arrive at your location.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Extremely high Damage, able to defeat a player equipped with the skill set Zombie Bull while wearing the Knight Cuirass with 1 shot at maximum charge.
  • The knockback can be used to escape dangerous situations.
  • Nearly unlimited range.
  • Projectiles hit enemies instantly at max charge, even at long range.
  • Poison effect can take opponents out in case they survive the initial shot.
  • Super Piercing can allow the user to get collateral or multi-kills.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Rather low Agility for a Bow.
  • Takes some time to fully charge, making for a slow fire rate.
  • Knockback puts the user in a vulnerable situation, being unable to attack for a second.
  • Is now possible to nerf this weapon with Mime Head + Knight Cuirass + Werefish Tail Fin, but only for 10 seconds after a respawn, and only the first shot of Ultracharge.

Trivia Edit

  • Has a cobra on top of the bow itself!
  • The name can be taken from a Common Adder snake.
  • It shares its "Super Piercing" skill with the Harpoon Launcher.
  • Arguably, it is the strongest weapon in the game

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