The Ultra-Adder is a Poison type Bow Weapon added in the Archery Tournament 2 Update.

Analysis Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Extremely high Damage, able to defeat a Zombie Bull with Knight Cuirass equipped with 1 shot at maximum charge.
  • The knockback can be used to escape dangerous situations.
  • Nearly unlimited range.
  • Projectiles hit enemies instantly at max charge, even at long range.
  • Poison effect can take opponents out in case they survive the initial shot.
  • Super Piercing can allow the user to get interesting collateral or multi-kills.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Below average Agility for a Bow.
  • Charging the arrow to the maximum takes some time, making for a slow fire rate.
  • Knockback puts the user in a vulnerable situation, being unable to attack for a few seconds.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears to be based on a cobra and takes part of its name from the common adder snake.
  • It shares its "Super Piercing" skill with the Harpoon Launcher.