• The Ultimate Battle Suit in the menu
  • The armor equipped (front view)
  • The armor's description
  • Side view
  • Back view
  • Side view
  • Using the built in skill
  • The weapon's reload animation (1)
  • The weapon's reload animation (2)

The Ultimate Battle Suit is a new armor and weapon combination introduced in the Ultimate Soldier Update. It can be obtained via the bundles stated.


Make use of its stats by using the Run And Gun or Camping techniques. For the first method, run around and kill those in your way. Remember to reload when needed or when safe to do so. The second technique is useful, however, it isn't best to use this on really large maps, such as Royal Garden or Frozen Bay. Find a spot with cover, preferably high ground, and kill those that the eye can see.

The special skill is useful in dire circumstances but it is difficult to use and has a long cooldown.



  • Excellent Agility and Accuracy
  • Reduces gadget cooldown by 20%
  • 10% resistance to all damage.


  • The built-in weapon has a short effective Range.
  • Low clip size (6).
  • Unable to change Weapons or Armors.
  • Nerfed by energy resistant armors.
  • Special skill is difficult to use and takes a while to recharge.

Trivia Edit

  • It should be noted that the stats for the weapon are not accurate, these values have been decided by testing.
  • This is the first Armor by DLE to have integrated weaponry.
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