The Triple Barrel Pistol is an event item that can be obtained by reaching Tier 6 of Trial 4 of the St. Patrick's Day 3 event (equivalent to 430 Lucky Shamrocks). It has great agility, range, accuracy, and damage, with a quick reload and ammo capacity of 21.


With 3 bars of agility, the gun could be used efficiently as a run and gun weapon, with the bullets being effective in short-medium range combat. The gun's quick rate of fire allows you to tear through any enemies that you encounter, so long as they don't have anything equipped which can reduce the pistol's damage.

Using this gun in long-range combat is not recommended, as it does take some time for the bullet to reach its destination, and can be easily avoided by the enemy.


Advantages Edit

  • Fast rate of fire
  • Ability to two shot kill most users
  • Has an ammo capacity of 21
  • Fast reload speed

Disadvantages Edit

  • When used in long-range combat, enemies can easily avoid the bullets fired from this weapon, making it ineffective for such situations.
  • Nerfed by Blackbird Headset.

Trivia Edit

  • It has the same firing and reloading sounds as the Zapper.
  • Can be considered as a free and more powerful variant of the said weapon.
  • The firing text is colored just like the weapon.
    Screenshot 2019-04-03-19-10-15

    When shoots, it makes a colorful "BANG"

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