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== Trial 3 ==
== Trial 3 ==
During this period the [[M.A.D Machina Pack]], [[Werespider Bite]], [[The Magnificent 6]], [[Halloween Sets Collection]], [[Halloween Weapon Collection]], [[25# Lenny]], [[Burning Handgun]], [[Headless Baron Kit]], [[Adventurer Pack]], [[Unstoppable Force Kit]], [[Minigun]] and [[Dual Stake Launcher]] where available for sale.
The [[SMG Howling]] and [[Dual Soaker Pistols]] where available for rent.
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Trick or Treat 2019 is an event that was released on October 23, 2019, it is a Halloween themed event released yearly. Players are to play in Hordes mode and defeat zombies to gain event points. Different from the 2017 Trick or Treat event which was collecting spooky coins.


"It's Halloween! The time of the year when terrifying charming Zombie Hordes arise!

These creatures want nothing but to seduce their preys so creep it real! If they claim to love your brain... they mean you're just a meal!

You will have four tiers to complete and more than thirty prizes to win, among which you will find Fang-tastic t-shirts, Halloween Candy and a whopping stack of Zombinites!

Go to the game now - The longer you stare at the screen, the more zombies will spawn!

Trial 1


Trial 2


Trial 3

During this period the M.A.D Machina Pack, Werespider Bite, The Magnificent 6, Halloween Sets Collection, Halloween Weapon Collection, 25# Lenny, Burning Handgun, Headless Baron Kit, Adventurer Pack, Unstoppable Force Kit, Minigun and Dual Stake Launcher where available for sale.

The SMG Howling and Dual Soaker Pistols where available for rent.

Tier Prize Description
1 75 GoldIcon Defeat zombies 2000.
2 10x Halloween Grenade Defeat zombies.
3 10x Zombinite Defeat zombies.
4 10x Fire Molotov Defeat zombies.
5 15x Zombinite Defeat zombies.
6 20x Web Grenade Defeat zombies.
7 15x Explosive Candy Defeat zombies.
8 Dual Machine Guns + New Skin! Defeat zombies.
Total 75 GoldIcon + 25x Zombinite + 10x Halloween Grenade+ 20 Web Grenade + 15x Explosive Candy + Dual Machine Guns w/ skin
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