• Hello!! I randomly thought of this game today and just wanted to reminisce the good old days which is why I have returned to this wiki page temporarily. Just a little background, I started playing this game before 2015 (can't remember which year exactly HAHA) and started being active from 2015 to 2017 (which was the year I believe a lot of OG players including myself had quit the game). I remember playing with the likes of Tr143, Angangang, Kudarat etc back in the day where we had a lot of friendly competition within our clan and against rival clans both HAHA (minus the speed hackers and other toxic players) and it was actually hella fun. I shan't go on a long rant but what I wanted to say is that I'm really glad to see new faces joining this game up till today and thank you to you and LEFT4LAZY both for maintaining this wiki page so well after all these years. I'm sorry that the page and the game itself is quite dead but I hope you will enjoy playing this game just like I did many years ago! :)

    P.S. My user is Keithozy and I play with the ign "Ozy", you can search me up under both this wiki and the respawnables clan wiki (I'm not sure if you know this exists HAHA, I'm on both pages allthough I wasn't super active in editing both wikis). Also, I didn't want to log in to my account as I would actually like my account to continue having the inactive tag because I have indeed quit the game permanently :(

    P.P.S I will return to this wiki page again as and when I have to check in and reply

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    • Hey Ozy I see what you are saying, and indeed this game has spiraled down a path of pay 2 win and carelessness, but in spite of those tremendous losses I don't see myself going to soon, I want to continue this dying line and sadly yet truthly be the last light in this community, I may have joined later but I aspired to be like you guys, editors or not, you're a staple of the Respawnables team and you're very helpful 'bookworms' for when we need it most! Though the views are falling I'am hopeful that my work will not be in vein and will spark intrest in this ghost town. 

      I started in August of 2014 and used to be a skilled player, got bored moved onto the once op noisy Cricket then the Minigun, however after those two weapons fell form grace I lost intrest in the game from 2017-2018, came back grinded out the new presitge ranks, and bought the offers/new bundles for a cheap price and in buying some of the best gears I stopped being what you guys may call a 'Toxic Player' and took on a more humble approach - using my unstoppable gears and weapons to  become an 'Observer' of my games, never interfering, only watching rookies fight, and becoming practically invisnible toward egomaniac tryhards. As cringey as this sounds this approach has enlightened me to be less of an ego driven person in the real world lol. 

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    • Ah, another nostalgic player. -Mixces

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    • Hello to the both of you again!! As promised, I came back to the wiki (albeit 3 days later, my apologies) to check in and reply. Thank you for taking the time to type out that lengthy post LEFT4LAZY and thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate it! :) I'm sure your work won't be in vein because who knows, OG players might return to this wiki page, chance upon this post (and many similar others) and decide to comment which might wake the community up a little! You never know :-)

      P.S. I have no idea how the game works now (in terms of adding friends and whatnot) but I wouldn't mind redownloading the game to play with you guys again for nostalgic sake, although the weapons that I have are definitely old school and are no longer as OP as it used to be in comparison to the newer more OP weapons :(

      P.P.S If you guys have any idea how to contact the OG players like those that I mentioned in the original post, please do! This way maybe this wiki page can have a mini reunion of sorts HAHA!


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