The Thompkin 45 is a Handgun Weapon added in the Diamonita Wars Update. It is obtainable by completing the fourth and final trial of the event.

Strategy Edit

Analysis Edit

Advantages: Edit

  • Very high Damage, enough to 1-shot most players in it’s effective range.
  • Very Fast Reload Time, allowing the user to fire off multiple shots in rapid succession, similar to the Aristocrat's Shotgun.
  • Able to be buffed by the various Handgun buffing Armors.
  • Frying Pan skill is useful for close range combat and has a fast cooldown (about 4 seconds) and high damage.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Has a very low ammo capacity of 1.
  • Able to be nerfed by 20% by the Blackbird Headset.
  • Short effective range and has a very sharp damage falloff.
  • Frying Pan skill has a very limited range.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon bears a strong resemblance to the Aristocrat's Weapons (Shotgun and Rifle), with a 3 of them having 1 capacity, high damage, fast reloads, and decent agility. Because of this, many players dubbed this weapon the "Aristocrat's Pistol".
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