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The Yeti is one of the 4 new Elite Enemies that was introduced in the Superstars, along with the Easter Bunny, The Ninja, and The Cyborg. He wears the outfit from the Yeti bundle, but instead, he uses the Dark Matter Gun, which is also the final prize of the event!

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The Yeti gives Alien Points when you either damage and/or kill him. His summoning animation is an explosion the instant a player dies, which is similar to how the Great Nian, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and the Werewolf spawn. He is very deadly in close to mid range (in a way very similar to Whiplash, despite his horrid accuracy!) mainly due to his weapons, coupled with a greater health than the Easter Bunny.


He only needs to hit 3-4 times to kill you with his weapon. In mid-range, rapid firing of his gun is lethal. He shoots laser beam with fast fire rate, along with the fact that he can move fairly fast.

Do not try to fight him in close range. Move backward while strafing and shooting. He can award you good alien points when shooting to progress in the event. You can use either the Ghostbusters Trap or the Ghost Clamp Trap to kill him and get points, but remember that killing him would only reward 300 points instead, so choose your method wisely in how to obtain the most points from him.

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  • If both him and the Easter Bunny see each other, they would actually start shooting at each other instead of aiming for any nearby player(s)!
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