The Rocket is a large indoor map that takes place inside a missile silo with various ramps and balconies near the sides. There is a large encased missile in the middle. There are two loading bays on both ends of the map which have little cover to use such as crates and the forklifts. This map is only playable after the player reaches level 5, but can still be played in Multiplayer.

Respawnables - The Rocket Showcase

Respawnables - The Rocket Showcase

The Rocket Showcase

Strategy Edit

The map supports all types of gameplay styles from Hit-and-run all the way to long range combat but keep in mind that most of the battle will take place in one of the 2 spawn areas of the map. Avoid camping near the center as this will make you stick out like a sore thumb. Attacking from above the balconies or hiding near one of the ramps is a solid way to earn some quick kills. Camping from any of the direct staircases is discouraged as the bridges linking the sides to the central missile silo block your view. Camping near
The rocket map
the sides of the silo is the best, as the view makes it ideal camping but the exposure to damage on all sides is detrimental. There is, however, a big crate on one of the sides leading to the bridges. Camping behind those spots will shield you from automatic fire from below on one side, increasing your chances of survival. People also sometimes camp near the staircase to use their sniper rifle to snipe others at the opposite staircase.


  • During the Ghostbusters' 30th Anniversary Update, the background of the main menu changed into the Rocket.
  • There were also many glitches experienced by players in this map during Events.
  • There used to be a spot on the orange section of the floor where players could stand and never take damage. It was later fixed.