Get protection against energy weapons and kill your enemy in a cleaner and faster way.
— Game Descriptions
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  • The bundle on the Event start page
  • The bundle
  • The inside of the bundle
  • A.S.P. Armor
  • Shockwave Launcher
  • With this bundle equipped, you will get more points, fast (pictured only 20 out of 30 Points earned in total)
  • The ultimate protector

The Protector's Kit is a limited-time bundle released in the 20th of April 2015. It is only available in store during the Earth Day event and it costs $14.99 Dollar1.

"Get protection against Energy Weapons and kill your enemies in a cleaner and faster way."


The Protector's Kit contains 2 items:


The Protector's Kit is worth buying as the combined items will multiply the points you get by killing enemies in the Earth Day event by a total of 15 (Meaning, killing low ranked players give you 30 points). The armor's high energy-resistance allows players to survive other players using energy weapons. However, the armor lacks the Agility and therefore would make yourself vulnerable to projectile weapons or Shotgun users who would be charging at you. Because Energy Weapons are the most unpopular group of weapons, this armor would be quite useless to you in a match full of players with Explosives, Shotguns and other weapons.

The Shockwave Launcher, although looks cool to the eyes, is pretty much a very decent weapon. Its performance is very identical to the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle (e.g. 4 rounds, energy-based and shoots projectiles). The only difference is that the projectiles travel as fast as the Cold Beam Rifle, and it shoots faster without the need of pumping unlike the Tri Barrel Plasma Rifle. Don't be fooled by the blast radius, as it is very small as the Plasma Punch's blast radius, so it is better to be very good at aiming with the weapon.

This bundle is worth it if you want to complete the event faster, but its decent performance would be troublesome whenever the Earth Day event is over.


  • Despite being called the "Protector's Kit", the armor only protects users from Energy-Based Weapon which the are depicted as the "clean weapon". This would mean that the armor are mainly only usefull when the opponent use  "clean weapons" against the player.
  • This bundle came back with a 20% discount on Black Friday Sale 2015.
  • It also made a come back during the middle-to-near-end of Ghostbusters (Event).
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