The Cyber-Hunter

The Cyber-Hunter is a new Bot that was introduced in the Cyber Menace (Update). He wears the full Cyber-Hunter Equipment and uses the Stun Blaster, which is also from the bundle.


When damaged and or killed, he gives you Cyborg Oil. He spawns just like the other elite enemies in the Cyber Menace (Event), an explosion when a player dies. He has same health as 'The Ninja'. He can be very dangerous if you stand right in front of him as he can easily finish you off at close range. In addition, the Stun Blaster deals moderate damage and slows you down when you are shot, thus leaving you vulnerable. Even though the actual head piece from the set gives the player stun immunity, this bot can still be stunned, so using Stun Grenade can help a lot.


By strafing or running around him in circles, you can dodge his Stun Blaster's bullets. While you are dodging the bullets, use the Run And Gun tactic to drain his health. Like other bots he cant turn fast so shoot him from rear side. Also, because of his bigger size than other players, its a good idea to kill him at very close range with the Plasma Shotgun. If you are using the Zap Gun, shoot at him from long range. He has a moderate amount of health, so he can give you good amount of Cyborg Oil when damaged and or killed.


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