Big Map Quest is an update released 21 Sept 2017.

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Ahoy maties, I am your Captain and everyone calls me Infamous, I hope you Landlubbers are ready, as we are about to batten down the hatchets and head out on a 4-week voyage where you will all become rich men! Let’s weigh anchor and go in search of the booty!…But hang on… Shiver me timbers!! I’ve lost the map!!… You Freebooters will have to find the map for me in your very first quest!

The map is divided into four different pieces and they will appear in different places. Pick each of the four pieces to claim your cut of the booty! But be careful, I made many copies of the map, so you may find the same piece more than once! Yo Ho Ho. Luckily, you have treasure in the weekly offers to help you on your quest!

As you are new Buccaneers, let me introduce to you ManMax, he’s an Old salt that will help you on your quest! I am sure you will become good friends, four weeks in the open sea forge great friendships.

Arrr, enjoy your quest!

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  • Explosive weapons are slightly less powerful compared to last update, although still pack some punches.
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