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Events are tournaments that run through a period of time in the game. What is a tournament without prizes? Playing events will reward you great prizes such as Cash Cash icon , Gold GoldIcon, gadgets, armors, or exclusive new weapons. You must first complete the task required in the event before earning the prizes. You've got to be quick as the events only run through a limited time (normally 4 weeks/28 days). You don't want to miss the exclusive prizes but remember one thing, events are only available when there is an ACTIVE internet connection.

Types of events

Each event have different challenges which you are required to do in order to obtain a certain prize.

  • Kill & Collect - Players must kill others to progress through the event and use armor or a certain group of weapons to boost your progress or double items collected.
  • Ranking - Similar to Kill & Collect events, but instead it uses a ranking system which adds up your progress at the end of the match, and doubles your earnings at maximum rank.
  • Challenging - This is the most common form of event. Each tier has different challenges/tasks and the requirements become tougher as you get closer to the last tier.

List of events

There have been 71 events in the game so far. Click on an image to know more about the event that it shows.

Post-event task

Some events allows players to earn GoldIcon by doing a general kind of task (e.g. 1000 ectoplasm to earn 1 GoldIcon per match). Although some of the rewards isn't that much, still, it is an easy way of earning GoldIcon and encourages players to keep playing. Interestingly, the Double Gold Booster is able to double your earned GoldIcon.


  • Events were the first kind of feature to allow players to get weapons for free, although doing many tasks were required
  • On Facebook, people are commonly seen complaining about the event being "too hard". Generally, events aren't meant to be completed by everyone but mostly the ones who are capable of doing it.
  • It is also common for people to demand "better weapons" if the event has a decent weapon as a final prize.
  • Gadgets and certain amounts of Cash icon and GoldIcon are usually used to fill in gaps between valuable prizes.
  • Cash icon and GoldIcon weren't available before the Road To Glory event.
  • Usually, during events that required specific weapons, those weapons will usually have a "radiant" sparkle on them.
IMG 2104

The radiant sparkle as shown on the allowed-weapons in the Spooky Nights!

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