The Switzerland Shirt is 1 of the 36 Football Jerseys which were introduced in the World Cup 2014 featured event Football Fever update.

It is a body armor that is unlocked at Level 50 and provides a 7% Agility boost.


The shirt is a short sleeved soccer jersey mainly colored in red while the collar and the end of the sleeves are colored in white, also part of the sleeves is colored in white.

On the left breast is an emblem of the Switzerland flag.

The back is also mainly colored in red, it contains a printed "23" colored in white, also a printed "Scehweiz" (German for Switzerland) colored in white.

The elbows are protected with grey elbow protectors, the hands with grey colored fingerless leather gloves.


  • The correct name for Switzerland in German is "Schweiz"
  • Front sight
  • Back sight
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