The Super Water Balloon is a Gadget introduced in Post-Vacation Blues Update. It costs 5,000 Cash icon for 5 balloons. It explodes upon impact, slowing down nearby enemies.


It looks like a water bottle with a symbol on it and has a grenade fuse, despite the name.


The Super Water Ballon is like many other grenade gadgets, but these water ballons can slow down enemies by "soaking" them. You can use this when you are facing a huge threat from your enemy(s) to either run away or weaken them so you can kill them more easily. Since this gadget has a quite large blast radius, be careful when you are using it because you can ended up slowing yourself when trying to throw it to your enemy(s), leaving you vulnerable to them. Auto-kills are possible if you are careless since it causes a lot of damage.

You can also use these water ballons to kill or weaken incoming groups of enemies from a distance, thus giving you the most of this gadget. You should be mindful when using it because it is quite expensive and you should only use it when time deems it necessary.

Even though you can gain a lot from this gadget, many players do not use it because of its price. Besides, there are Water Weapons that have the same ability, to "soak" enemies. Thus, most players will choose Water Weapons instead of this gadget.


  • This gadget is by far the most expensive Cash gadgets (5 ballons for 5,000 Cash icon).
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