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Respawnables - Super Grenades

Respawnables - Super Grenades

S grenade

Super Grenade Explosion

The Super Grenade is the fourth Gadget available and is unlocked at level 6. It costs 20 GoldIcon for 10 grenades. When thrown, they take a single second to detonate before dealing massive damage to anyone nearby.

Appearance Edit

A spherical orange grenade with a pin on the top. There is a band of yellow and green stripes surrounding the middle of the grenade


Super Grenades are extremely efficient, having combined both the Dynamite's massive damage output and the Hand Grenades short fuse to produce a powerful grenade with a short timer. This allows you to quickly defeat an opponent not only without them realising he is under fire, but also ensuring your grenade does not rebound back to you.These can also be used as a quick Kamikaze device, sacrificing yourself in exchange for your opponent's death when you are cornered and at your wit's end. Opponents will not have enough time to react AND escape, resulting in their rather painful death. These grenades are so powerful that players can even use this Gadget alone to defeat opponents and advance to the top of the panel.

The only disadvantages to this powerful gadget its costly price, which in time can be saved up for and it is not effective against people wearing the Anti-Explosive Pack and any other gear that reduces explosive damage.


  • This along with the Ultra Grenade makes a sound after it explodes which sounds like a can dropping.
  • During some events, these grenades are required and became one of the featured items in an event's page (most likely the Hand Grenade Fest (disambiguation), it was possible to use a glitch to get them for only 5 GoldIcon instead of the usual 20 GoldIcon!
  • Its explosion is quite similar to the Dragon's Breath Cannon's projectiles.
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