The Summer Camp 4 (Update) is a new update that was available on the 27th July 2017.

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Children, children! Please gather here, say goodbye to your parents, and find a nice WiFi spot with cold water before starting Summer Camp. 4 weeks of fun are just around the corner and the fun is about to start!

Four weeks of fun and stories around the campfire are coming right up! I hope you packed everything you need but if not, don't worry! Each week you will find new offers in the camp store!

If you get lost, ask the police! They will supervise you and control all the crazy things you will want to do for sure. Summer Camp is all about fun!

Follow the instructions of our decorated soldier, I am sure if you are good children he will tell you the story of the monster that lives in the swamp! And remember, you should always behave and not leave your tents at night or V.E.N.O.M. will find you... You don't want to discover first-hand what he can do to you!

...AND BEFORE EVERYONE RUNS TO THEIR TENTS, SILENCE! This year we have something new! We have a big surprise for the veterans: PRESTIGE MODE! 200 more levels for you to spend hours and hours of fun on and GOLDEN WEAPONS!

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