• Stun Grenade as shown in the menu.
  • A Stun Grenade being thrown be a player!
  • The M84 Stun Grenade, the inspiration for this gadget
Respawnables - Stun Grenade

Respawnables - Stun Grenade

The Stun Grenade is a grenade released on the Holiday Update 2014. It can be unlocked at level 7 and costs 750 Cash icon for 5 grenades. It will stun anyone caught within the blast radius for a brief period of time, but deals no damage unlike the Energy Grenade.


  • This grenade is the buyable and has a similar ability to the Energy Grenade and Neuralyzer MIB.
  • Unlike the Neuralyzer MIB you can stun yourself if you stand too close to the detonation point.
  • The Stun Grenade seems to based off the M84 Stun Grenade, which in real life is used to incapacitate anyone within the blast radius. However, this version is based off of the flashbang variant, also known as the "9-Bang", which blinds anyone in the area of effect for a short amount of time.
  • This grenade has same price as normal grenades.
  • Wearing the Ghostbusters Pants and Referee T-Shirt will make you immune against Stun Grenades. However, the white flash will still appear on your screen.
  • Many players using this grenade to perform a gadget glitch.
  • The gadget is very popular in Multiplayer alongside the Medikit and Spotter.
  • Somehow, during the Chinese New Year 2017 (Update), enemies/players stunned by this gadget in Multiplayer does not have the "question marks" on top of their heads, although they are still stunned. This might be a glitch as the "question marks" still showed on top of the Bots' head in Missions mode.
  • A player who is wearing Knight Cuirass or 'Manmax' Waistcoat will actually lose the effect of protection when they got stunned
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