Beginnings are always difficult. Start making your enemies suffer with this package.
— Game Description
The Starter Box was a bundle in the game that is no longer available. Buying the bundle costs $4.99 Dollar1. This bundle is created especially for new players who want a head start boost. However, it is considered as a useless bundle after they play for a while since Green Beret and Little Italy can be replaced with many good weapons/equipment. They replaced this pack with the Urban Ops Pack, which was supposed to be on sale for a limited time only. Instead, the Urban Ops Pack has permanently replaced the Starter Box.
  • The Starter Box!
  • Preview of The Starter Box!
  • The Starter Box Bundle!
  • Contents of the bundle (1).
  • Contents of the bundle (2).



  • The Green Beret gives you 5% accuracy which helps you when using the Little Italy.
  • This bundle was made to give new players a head start in the game for those who just want to get a decent weapon at a low level.
  • This bundle costs 90 GoldIcon in total which isn't a lot if you save up, but by the time you get 90 GoldIcon you would have unlocked better weapons which beat the Little Italy in overall effectiveness.