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Respawnables - Spotter

Respawnables - Spotter

The Spotter is the seventh gadget to be unlocked and was added during the Movie content update. It costs 1,250 Cash icon per 5 spotters and is unlocked at Level 12. When used, they identify the location of every player on the map, including those that are using Stealth and Ninja Bomb.

Appearance Edit

A grey orange device with a green radar screen and an red button. Has a stubby, fat antenna on the top. If you look closely, the radar screen has circles on it. While using the spotter, yellow colored arrows indicating your opponents will show up on top of them.


Spotters can easily help you to locate your opponents, and even able to reveal opponents using stealth! These gadgets come in handy when playing on a big map or when few players are playing with you. Use them if you are impatient to wait for one to come to you. Snipers can also use them to make pre-emptive attacks and plan ahead when attempting to defeat an opponent. 

Of course, spotters have weaknesses, and one is that it neither attacks an opponent, nor does it boost the user. It is purely used for locating, and if cornered, offers no help whatsoever. If faced with many players, it is recommended to forego this gadget as you will not need to look far to find an enemy. Still, spotters are fun to play around with, and can be essential to organizing an ambush attack.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 6.26.35 pm

A closer look at spotters (in game)

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 6.16.42 pm

A closer look at spotters before activation

Faaaaast spotter

Spotter in action (Funny fact: the in game character does not press the button on the spotter for activating it, but he presses the radar instead)


  • When spotters are about to expire, the arrows pointing to opponents start flashing.
  • Wearing the Easter Bunny Ears used to counters the Spotter's ability to locate, since the Easter Bunny Ears rather than used to locate opponents, were used to locate eggs in the Easter Holiday Update. It is usable with the Easter Bunny Ears now.
  • Many Youtubers, who are elite players, use Spotter in most of their gameplay reviews.
  • When pressing the red button, you will run faster for a short time, similar to the Ballistic Knife.
  • It was one of the most used gadgets in Respawnables.
  • The spotter was made weaker during the Fastest Gunslinger (Update) by reducing its cooldown and duration time so that its only usable for 3 seconds! The cooldown is reduced to 12 seconds.
  • Even after the Fastest Gunslinger (Event) finished, the spotters are STILL nerfed!
    • But now it has been confirmed that the spotters will be PERMANENTLY NERFED.
    • It used to be Chase's favorite gadget before the nerf.


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