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Spookytown is a halloween-themed version of the Sandtown map added for Halloween Updates 2013 , 2014 , 2015 and 2016 (which was changed into a different name instead, the Spooky Nights!). It is just Sandtown with some halloween features added. During the Halloween update, Sandtown was replaced by this. It received a few small changes in the Halloween update (2015) with a bunch of balloons with spooky faces on them.




It is still in the of the middle east market, except with halloween features which includes several candles and skulls, pumpkins at the top of the exploding barrels and a full moon in the sky instead of the sun, making it the first nighttime map to make an appearance in Respawnables.


Play it like you normally would in Sandtown . But, it is night time, so it will be harder to see in this map. The vision is also distrupted by dense fog. Because of this, players are likely to miss a lot of chances to attack enemies. The sniping points throughout the map also get a reduce in effectiveness at sniping since there is a lot of fog and it's dark. But to kill easily, go to areas where there is light. The notable one is at the armory point. In the Armory, the area is still light and bright. It is also a good camping map similar to Sandtown.

Screenshot 2015-10-24-13-10-55

A cat in the window(2015)


  • AtomDrome is probably doing a Halloween party so that Sandtown became Spookytown.
  • The Explosive Barrels are also differently textured here.
  • Most windows in Spookytown were opened. Unlike Sandtown, which were mostly closed. Also, in one of the open windows, you can find a cat sitting on the windowsill.
  • When the barrels explode, they have bats spiraling outward from the barrel. The same goes for medal pick ups - the yellow bubbles are replaced with bat sounds and a bat animation.
  • During the Halloween Update 2015, the map returned and received some new minor decorations such as fireworks on the night sky and balloons with random ghostly faces. The fog or mist on the floor was also reduced.
  • This map isn't as dark as Chinatown.
  • It's the first special map that appeared in Respawnables
  • The map returned in the Spooky Nights (Update) and the Trick or Treat (Update)
Screenshot 2015-10-24-13-11-56

The new balloons (2015)

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